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Jack Massey Welsh (person)

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Not to be confused with Jack Massey Welsh or JackMasseyWelsh.

"Obviously I've not really had that much sex"- Jack in "This Might be the DUMBEST Thing I've Ever Said..." [1]

Jack Massey Welsh (born 24 June 1996) is a English YouTuber. He is known for play button content, Reddit content on his second channel and even Geography content on his geography channel. He is also known for having many channels which is listed here and the many play buttons he owns.

Personal life[edit]

He has an older brother born in 1987 whose name is currently unknown (due to privacy reasons). He lived in Newcastle and North Yorkshire however currently lives in Nottinghamshire. His high school was Staindrop Comprehensive School. Staindrop, a town lies 12km (8 miles) southwest from Bishop Auckland.

He has a girlfriend called Becky Taylor, and a Jack Russell Terrier named Kong (born autumn 2006 [age 16]). He had a dog of unknown breed named Flossy (born June 2005 [aged 18]), however she passed away on 8 September 2023.[2] Jack also had a dog called Zack who died in 2015 due to old age according to Jack and yet another dog called Rodney who lives with Jack's parents. Rodney was originally from Romania.


Jack officially retired from Minecraft content in the May 23rd, 2021 and cancelled his Minecraft 1.17 Survival series and last played it in July 2021 for Don't Subscribe hitting 900,000 subscribers however in This channel will actually reach 1 million subscribers?!, he might make another Minecraft video in the future. He now creates content about play buttons, vlogs and getting other people world records. However he makes other videos like, Youtube News and random vlogs with his girlfriend Becky.

World Records[edit]


In September 2020, Jack got the world record for "most YouTube channels with over 100,000 subscribers owned by a individual" with 8 channels. In January 2021, Jack broke the record again with 9 channels. In July 2021, he broke the record with 10 channels and finally in May 2022, he broke the record with 11 channels.


In June 2018, Jack attempted to create the longest kazoo chain however he got declined.


Jack's Wee Wee Bush[edit]

Main article: Jack's Wee Wee Bush

Jack's Wee Wee Bush is a bush Jack peed in in the video "GEOGUSSR IN REAL LIFE".

Toilet Gang[edit]

Main article: ToiletGang

Toilet Gang refers to a picture of a toilet that Jack was forced to change his profile picture to in 2020. In 2023, Jack promised he would change his main channel to the picture of the toilet.

Humping a Plant[edit]

Main article: Jack humping a plant

Jack is known for humping a plant in a video called "I was sent a CUSTOM 1,000,000 Subscriber Gold Play Button!!!" and again in "Which of My Subscribers has the most Subscribers? One Year Later...".




Should have used the image with his new hairstyle
-- JackSucksAtEdits (talk) 18:48, 30 August 2023 (UTC)

Should have used the image with his new hairstyle
-- JackSucksAtEdits (talk) 18:48, 30 August 2023 (UTC)

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