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From JackSucksAtLife Wiki

This was a re-occurring theme on Jacks channel when he was in his old office, of which he was renting. They are instruments with two ends, one fat and one skinny. Jack had many different coloured kazoos, red, blue, green, orange, gold and many more. He also had one kazoo that was very different from the others, it was a mechanical kazoo that someone sent to him to play Minecraft with. Nowadays, he never really features them on his channel anymore.

They were most prominently featured in old reddit videos when somebody asked him to or he used them to sing along to musical remixes to his voice.

He also tried to get a Guinness World Record for the longest kazoo chain, but failed. Then he tried to get a different Guinness World Record for having the most kazoos shoved into his mouth and ears, he only got 4 kazoos in and failed.

Jack confirmed he doesn't have an kazoo in his office right now. One of Jack's series "funny minecraft ban reasons" on his server everytime there was a hitler skin he played the kazoo, on that series in episode 8 every time there was a ban beacause inappropriate skin / name he blow out some kazoos.

in 2018 jack sent his editor kai a picture of himself with 4 kazoos. also in 2018 jack started his weekly reddit videos and the first episode was named "jack's kazoo dies mid recording ****RIP**** (emotional)" and the name says everything his kazoo died mid recording, and the video got copyright claimed because jack put copyrighted music in the part of the kazoo death video proof:


Again in 2018 when jack blow the kazoo his editor kai made his face swirly.

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