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From JackSucksAtLife Wiki
Jack with his epic drip

Welcome to the unofficial JackSucksAtLife wiki! You can see a list of all pages here. To discuss with other users, visit Forum:General. To post your fanart, find or create a page that starts with "Fanart:".

Our goal is to create an extensive encyclopedia about JackSucksAtLife, the British YouTuber, while bringing together a community of avid JSAL fans.

We've just started the project, so feel free to create a page if one doesn't exist or expand on another topic that you're interested in. Nearly anything that has some relation to JackSucksALlife is allowed, so have fun!

You can either edit anonymously (with your IP) or create an account to show off your edits.

If you have any questions, want to help with technical aspects, or wish to moderate, send the team an email at or use the contact form. If you're interesting in making a JackSucksAtLife-related project and need a custom domain, send us an email ( and we can set up a subdomain for you.


For Fandom users:
We've decided not to use Fandom to host the JackSucksAtLife Wiki because a custom solution offers much more customizability (+ a custom domain) and there are no annoying ads or restrictions. We've chosen a modified version of the Citizen skin as the theme because it's very clean and accessible. However, if you're used to the Fandom interface, you can switch your theme to match it by visiting your Preferences, clicking on the Appearance tab, then choosing the "Evelution" skin. You can also change your skin to the Wikipedia skin (Vector) along with many others, but we do recommend Citizen.
Most features should be the same as Fandom since we use the same software. To talk with other members, you can use the comments under most pages and talk pages. You can customize your profile here.
Where can I post my fanart?
All fanart related to Jack has a place on this wiki. To post it for others to see, find or create a page that starts with "Fanart:" followed by the subject's name. For example, for fanart on Pretty Woman Kitchen, post it on Fanart:Pretty Woman Kitchen.
How do I talk with other users?
For general forum posts about the wiki or Jack that you want other users to see, leave a message on Forum:General. If you want to discuss a specific article or the topic mentioned in the article, use the corresponding talk page (Talk:Article name). To message a specific user, use their talk page (User talk:Username) or leave a note on their message board.
About copyrighted content
Please DO NOT copy content from other wikis, social media, or sources, unless:
  • The content was released into the public domain or an appropriate lenient license. Even if you follow a stricter license's terms (like requiring attribution), please don't add the content because it could end up causing problems in the future. Content copied from Fandom is forbidden!
  • You're quoting someone. If you are, please use appropriate formatting and link the source.
  • For images: The image falls under fair use (fair dealing in the UK). For an encyclopedia, as long as you are using the image as part of a related article, it will be fine. Please do not add copyrighted images to your user page, for example, as that would not be considered fair use.
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