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User talk:JackSucksAtEdits

Discussion page of User:JackSucksAtEdits

Site feedback[edit]

I'll respond to all your messages here.

"When doing a edit you can't unclick "watch this page" is that intentional?"[edit]

Unclicking it works for me.

"Sorry about all the messages but do you think we can get Jack to make this his official Wiki?"[edit]

I'm not in direct contact with Jack so I can't ask him anything, but he has seen it, so maybe. It's essentially the only one so I don't think there's any competition. However, we could possibly get him to link it in the Reddit. If someone made a post that got more upvotes suggesting he should create an account, he might look into it a bit more.

"When you go to save your changes it comes up with a notice that includes a copyright link that does not work can we fix that?"[edit]

Thanks for the reminder. I'll add the page.

"Easter eggs would also be nice lol like if when you get to the jackerpllar page the page turns into a jackerpillar for the first couple of seconds"[edit]

I agree. I just don't have a lot of time on my hands. I try to check out the Wiki as much as possible but I hope to have it mostly maintained by community members (you could apply if you wanted). MediaWiki supports custom JS and CSS on pages so you could make special effects on certain pages. I'll try to keep it in mind.

"Community chat would be nice too lol (and if jack joins this can he have a special username)"[edit]

Thanks for the reminder. I was planning on setting it up but other things were more important. You can now theoretically chat live at Special:Chat, although it's not the best system. Lots of people have been building sites to be a part of the network, so someone could set up a chat system and we could put it on, for example (we already have I've build custom chat systems before but, again, I don't have much time.

"Can we have upvote and downvote buttons on pages? (also the buttons to choose if messages are public and private needs to be updated soon (low priority) and another suggestion is if we have a poll to see what should be updated!"[edit]

I'll look into this.

"Can we make all the empty pages not appear when you click random page please?"[edit]

I wish I could so something about this but I can't. It's too many pages to delete manually but I might create a bot to do it automatically. I'm talking with JMWBot's creator to see what we can do about it.

"Also, These features will be cool: Status (like ranks such as youtube rank) Sending gifts (like shown) A user page A singular togglable ad (so you can earn some money for your work) Username changes Make it so the J in the corner is more visible new featured articles Mobile mode (made better) an user icons and can you post on the reddit to get jack to make a stuff video about this please"[edit]

  • Ranks: I think these were enabled originally but I turned them off because they weren't styled to fit the theme. I'll see about this.
  • Gifts: Just checked it out and noticed they're broken. I'll look into this.
  • User pages: They exist. Go to your profile and click on "Wiki Userpage" or create if it doesn't exist already. Yours would be located at UserWiki:JackSucksAtEdits
  • Ads: I don't want to serve ads. That would significantly downgrade the user experience. Wikis aren't really supposed to have ads anyways — they're supposed to be free and not profit-based. That's why Wikipedia never serves ads. And if you mean money to keep the site running, the cost is really only around $25/year and most of that goes to the domain. I might add a link to donate eventually but we don't need it right now.
  • Username changes: When you sign up for an account here, you're actually signing up for an account on Miraheze (our host). You can request a global username change here.
  • Logo: I made the logo in a few minutes. It was never my intention for it to be permanent. I'm always looking for new logo ideas.
  • Featured articles: Working on a new system for these now.
  • Mobile: I think mobile works fine on most pages. What do you think needs to be improved?
  • Profile pictures: They theoretically exist. Go to Special:UploadAvatar to upload one.
  • Reddit post: I've already posted once on the Reddit. I don't want it to seem like I'm milking attention or anything. The post only got around 40 upvotes which is why it was a shorter segment in the video. If you want to make one, go ahead, but it has to be fairly interesting to get people to upvote it. Maybe use a Jack meme template since they're often at the top.

If you have any other questions, let me know. Thanks for the suggestions/feedback! I'll work on them as soon as I can. Jacksucksatlife (talk) 00:33, 11 September 2023 (UTC)

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