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From JackSucksAtLife Wiki

Don't Subscribe[edit]

ToiletGang originated from a challenge taken during Don't Subscribe, which was a collaboration between YouTubers MrBeast and JackSucksAtLife where MrBeast challenged JackSucksAtLife that if he could get a channel with no videos to 1M subscribers, MrBeast would give JackSucksAtLife $100,000. For every 100,000 subscribers the channel got before it finally gets 1,000,000 subscribers.

The Challenge[edit]

Jack said that he will do a challenge. For 300,000 subscribers, MrBeast decided that he wants the challenge to be Jack turning his main channel profile picture into a toilet for a month. So Jack asked his Twitter followers to send him pictures of their toilets and that the best toilet will get given 100 dollars.

The Picture[edit]

Mackenzie Gallagher sent Jack a picture of their toilet with toilet paper for eyes and a toilet paper roll as a cigarette.

Toilet Again[edit]

On April 25, 2023, Jack's profile picture turned into the toilet once again because Jack said that when he gets 3,000,000 subscribers on his main channel and until he gets 4,000,000 subscribers, his profile picture will be a toilet again. From now it as an active meme with plenty of fanart and love shown to Mackenzie's toilet.

the end of toilet gang[edit]

once jack hit 4 million subscribers he changed his profile picture to a picture of himself with a pink background.

mutant toilat face[edit]

Jack promised in a youtube short that when he hits 5 million subs on his main channel he will change his profile picture to him in a pink background but with toilet rolls for eyes and mouth.

The toilet, cropped by Jack.
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