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From JackSucksAtLife Wiki
Not to be confused with Jack Massey Welsh or the person

Jack has a smaller testing channel named JackMasseyWelsh (not to be confused with his Tesla channel Jack Massey Welsh, which has spaces), which is Jack's full name. In 2011, he uploaded a video called "Demon Cam Test - *SCARY!*" showing off the application "Demon Cam". Two years later, he uploaded "Tromboogle1048" where Jack makes a funny noise for two seconds. Going on the Internet archive, you can see that the channel was once called "SamSmellsOfApricots Secret Channel!" You could also find three deleted videos called "Duck with a gun" "NYAN" and "SPARTA". On the 15th of October, 2021, Jack gained access to the channel again and uploaded a new video to the channel titled "Tromboogle1049". Often called OG JackMasseyWelsh by Jack.

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