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X Life

From JackSucksAtLife Wiki

X Life was a modded Minecraft series between many different YouTubers, including Jack, where they each had 10 lives, starting with just one heart of health. Each time they died, they gained an extra heart. Each YouTuber would be out of the series after all 10 lives had been used.

X Life lasted on Jack's JackSucksAtStuff channel from May 2020 to February 2021, although it ended slightly later on the channels of some of the other X Life members. Jack uploaded a total of 41 episodes, as well as one final video which was a compilation of each of his deaths during the series.

During X Life, Jack had a hilltop house built out of a giant mushroom and a mix of different types of wood. During the series, Jack notably collected many different modded creatures as pets, building them homes and naming them. These pets include the Blue Boys, Vikram, Craig, Pauline and many others.

The X Life Logo
The X Life Logo

Jack is also notably referred to as "Jeremy" instead of "Jack" for the entire series following episode 16, where Jack joins a cult called "Jeremyism."

Jack's X Life Deaths
Death Cause Episode No. Time Lasted
1 Zombie 1 6m
2 Gavial 1 18m
3 Lava Monster 2 1h
4 Zombie 2 30m
5 Cave Spider 8 7h
6 Lizzie's Parkour Challenge 18 11h
7 Joel / Smallishbeans with an anvil 26 6h
8 Lava in the December Doors challenge 32 6h
9 Being withered in Jeremy's House of Pain 38 4h
10 Lava trap from Lizzie / LDShadowLady 41 3h
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