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From JackSucksAtLife Wiki
A screenshot of Vikram from one of the X Life episodes

Vikram was one of Jack's pets in his Minecraft "X Life" series on the JackSucksAtStuff channel. He was a passive dinosaur-like creature, explained by Jack as "looking like he has traffic cones on his back." and being a "Big lad."

When Jack first puts Vikram into a lasso, we can see that he is a "Vrontausaurus."

Vikram was first introduced in episode 6 of X Life and was originally named "Victor" as Jack was creating a home for him. Jack changed his mind on the name when creating a name tag and decided upon the name "Vikram."

According to Jack, Vikram "loves a slab" so has many of these in his cave.

Vikram, unlike many of Jack's pets in the X Life series, managed to survive until the end of Jack's series.

Jack ended up having many different Vrontausaurus by the end of the series, all of which he also named "Vikram." Jack also had a castle built for all of the Vikrams (apart from the original one) as one of his requests to Joel / Smallishbeans upon joining Jeremyism and losing one of his lives.

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