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From JackSucksAtLife Wiki

Jack has a subreddit where people can post things related to him. His Reddit videos are a long-running series on Jack's channels. The videos consist of Jack looking at posts on the subreddit R/JackSucksAtLife. Currently, they normally come out at 20:30 UK time on Tuesdays, but are recorded by Jack on Saturday afternoons. His first one was uploaded on 29th Jan 2018, while the current series on JackSucksAtStuff were started on the 17th Feb 2020. Combining both series, he has uploaded 256 videos as of 29th Aug 2023. There is also a Geography subreddit which used to get monthly uploads on the JackSucksAtGeography channel. Sadly enough, the post don't have anything to do with Jack anymore so that's why he didn't post any reddit videos on the JackSucksAtGeography since 3 months as November 9.

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