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From JackSucksAtLife Wiki

r/JackSucksAtLife is Jack's subreddit. On the subreddit, users post various Jack-related things, including memes. Some memes are made with custom Jack-themed meme templates.

Every Tuesday, Jack uploads a video to the JackSucksAtStuff channel (previously to JackSucksAtLife) reacting to posts on the subreddit. This video generally includes things such as the top post of the week, Jack joking about the subreddit being dead and a No Context Interlude, where Jack watches the latest upload on his channel "No Context JackSucksAtLife". Users have created flags for each of Jacks channels and posted them on the subreddit.

Various subjects have arisen in the subreddit over the years, some recent ones being Ugly Man Bathroom (Pretty Woman Kitchen's counterpart) and the Jackerpillar.

The subreddit currently has 171k members.

Reddit video running gags[edit]

Current running gags of the subreddit

  • The Jackerpillar
  • No Context Interlude (formerly discontinued, until this was revived when No Context JackSucksAtLife reached 200K subscribers.
  • Image of Jack in a swimming pool. Originally here.
  • Video of Jack holding a plant to his groin. Video here.

Most upvoted posts[edit]

Sorted by "Top (All Time)", the top 25 Reddit posts as of August 26, 2023 are:

Date Post title User Upvotes Flair Description
October 19, 2021 I have it……give me your best offer jack u/LizardLava 4,700 Play button saga Poster showcases the PewDiePie ruby play button
July 30, 2021 The Future u/mamamia1001 3,700 Play button saga A meme with PewDiePie's ruby playbutton (ironically foreshadowing the top post
September 13, 2020 Made Jack's portrait out of 720 Rubik's Cubes! I hope you like it! u/Lenishh 3,200 Fan art Poster made a Rubiks Cube mosaic of Jack
October 24, 2018 The last thing you see before you die u/jakebrodyblob 3,000 YOU BETTER UPVOTE THIS POST A video of Jack smacking his head with a maraca
November 26, 2020 Let’s see if this is true u/Jamiemenary18 2,800 Picture Poster bought Jack's hoodie
October 6, 2020 hmm u/nica_I2I7 2,700 Meme A meme from r/ksi with Jack's KSI playbutton on it
November 7, 2020 If Jack was ever on Pawn Stars u/mc395686 2,600 Meme A meme of Jack in a Pawn Stars, valuing the OG silver playbutton
March 17, 2021 Jack you could fit more play buttons on this wall if you removed your door u/WafflesArePeopleToo 2,400 Play button saga A meme of Jack's door covered with a wall
August 30, 2020 Another year of jacksucksatgeography?!? 🎉🎉🎉 u/Thomas_Bcfc 2,400 Social Media A screenshot of Jack accidentally paying for more GeoGuessr
October 23, 2020 Unoriginal posts u/StarvelDC 2,400 ANNOUNCEMENT (Pinned post regarding unoriginal posts)
January 19, 2021 Jack won u/preachyBump 2,300 Picture A meme about Jack winning Young Driver Influencer of the Year
September 10, 2020 Doubt if Jack saw my tweet so I will post it here. Hope it gets in the reddit video for him to see. u/PaperoniPizza 2,300 Mr Beast related Poster shows a tweet he made about wrapping his tesla hot pink when Dont Subscribe reaches 1 million.
October 31, 2020 I went as Jack for Halloween u/LucusTheGuy 2,300 Picture Poster dressed up as Jack for halloween
August 21, 2020 Please Jack... we all need this u/ashklootwyk 2,300 Picture A comment on JSAPopUpPirate asking when he reaches 1 million, to go on a boat and be a real pirate
September 25, 2020 So Jack did you know anything about TommyInnit at the time of this photo? u/P3NGi 2,300 Other A photo of Jack, Kai and TommyInnit in an Insomnia Meet and Greet
October 27, 2020 Here he is. Tongue on the diamond play button. No shame. I paid $28 so we could all enjoy this. u/sfisher24601 2,100 Video Poster paid Jack (via Cameo) to lick his diamond playbutton
October 16, 2020 I found someone with a YouTube chair! u/J_LitDOTjpg 2,000 Play button saga A screenshot of a twitter user with the YouTube chair
October 18, 2020 Squid, DanTDM, and ThinkNoodles all watched Jack’s gold play button video on the second channel! u/FizzyThePiggy 2,000 Play button saga Titled YouTubers saw Jack's OG playbutton video
August 9, 2020 Fan art of Jack’s nose u/Hollis1234 1,900 Fan art Jack's nose. (really a solid red image)
September 23, 2020 This is incredible... u/HiImWatson 1,900 Tesla related JackSucksAtLife in a subscriber war with Tesla
August 4, 2020 Also you need to have 100k subscribers and a total of 10 mil views, or else you can say bye bye to the award. u/justahumanonreddit 1,900 Other Instructions on how to get the Roblox Award by creating a roblox account
June 11, 2020 Just gonna leave this here... u/flupflopblop 1,800 Meme Jack's failed promises of making a draw my life on 1 million
November 15, 2020 In 2016 there was a youtube yearbook sent out to everyone that hit 1 million subscribers u/egruulyt 1,800 Play button saga A photo of a 2016 YouTube yearbook
June 2, 2021 finally got a connect 4 u/Striking-Suggestion7 1,800 World Record Someone got a Connect 4 on Jack using the same face for his thumbnails
September 9, 2020 My Doggo Reacting to Jack reacting to my Doggo reacting to Jack... Jack wanted a vid so here it is... also posting a pic to keep the chain going :) u/kcadden01 1,800 Video A dog reacts to a dog reacting to a dog reacting to Jack's videos
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