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Big Daddy

From JackSucksAtLife Wiki

Big Daddy is a meme in the JackSucksAtLife community. It is particularly prevalent on r/jacksucksatlife.

The Origins of Big Daddy[edit]

On December 19th, 2021, Jack uploaded a video to JackSucksAtStuff called "I played Cool Math Games and loved it" In the video, he plays a game called "Jelly Truck". After failing one of the levels, Jack realises what he has to do, and says, "So I think it wants me to, like, get pushed by this Big Daddy"

Jack finding Big Daddy on Geoguessr

On February 19th, 2020, Jack uploaded a video to JackSucksAtLife called "Geoguessr but every round is under water" In the video, he plays maps sent to him by his viewers. In one map, Jack sees a large underwater object in Round 3. Then in round 5, he sees it again, and says, "Oh my god, it's Big Daddy again." He then goes on to get 4999 points, as he knows where "Big Daddy" is from round 3.

No Context JackSucksAtLife clips[edit]

On February 9th, 2022, No Context JackSucksAtLife uploaded the Big Daddy clip from the Geoguessr video.

On June 2nd, 2022, the channel also uploaded the Big Daddy clip from the Cool Math Games video.

Big Daddy becomes a meme[edit]

On January 19th, 2023, Jack uploaded a video to JackSucksAtStuff called "Building my DREAM Youtube PC Set Up!". In the video, Jack inserts a charging port under his desk and then says, "...and then, inserted Big Daddy"

On April 13th, 2023, Jack uploaded a reddit video to JackSucksAtStuff called "I hit 3,000,000 subscribers!!" In the video, Jack reacts to a reddit post called "I have found the biggest daddy", which shows a charging port with 66 sockets. Jack responds to this with "Big Daddy, by the way, still serving me very nicely, right down there", while pointing to his crotch.

Both of these clips were subsequently uploaded to No Context JackSucksAtLife.

On September 19th, 2023, Jack reacted to a post in the reddit video "This channel will actually reach 1 MILLION subscribers?!", called "Someone please tell Jack to stop talking about big daddies." Jack then says "Where is Big Daddy 4? Big Daddy 4 is the biggest daddy that there will ever daddy, daddy."

This was then turned into a clip on No Context JackSucksAtLife.

This cycle repeated for the next few reddit videos - someone made a post after seeing the previous Big Daddy, asking for the next Big Daddy. Jack then talked about Big Daddy when reacting to the post, causing No Context JackSucksAtLife to upload the clip.

Big Daddy No. Date reddit video uploaded Reddit video Post Jack's reaction Date of No Context Clip No Context Clip
3 April 13th 2023 I hit 3,000,000 subscribers!! I have found the biggest daddy Big Daddy, by the way, still serving me very nicely, right down there April 14th, 2023 big daddy 3
4 September 19th, 2023 This channel will actually reach 1 MILLION subscribers?! Someone please tell Jack to stop talking about big daddies. Big Daddy 4 is the biggest daddy that there will ever daddy, daddy. September 20th, 2023 Big Daddy 4
5 October 3rd, 2023 The 100M Play Button is Fixed!! Big Daddy 4 on the biggest Screen 'Cause if Big Daddy is not 84 inches at least, then Big Daddy is dissatisfied October 4th, 2023 big daddy 5
6 October 10th, 2023 This Conspiracy Theory is Crazy It NEEDS to happen! Big Daddy will big daddy when Big Daddy is ready, OK? You all need to stop putting pressure on Big Daddy! October 11th, 2023 big daddy 6
7 October 17th, 2023 How to make BIG MONEY with Stocks, FACEBOOK ADS, INVEST ($$$$ FINANCE) bitcoin RICH QUICK woo The "Big Daddy Cycle" Ooh, I like Big Daddy when Big Daddy - what's that noise? October 18th, 2023 big daddy 7
8 October 24th, 2023 What is this MYSTERY Youtube Award? GUYS ITS HAPPENED I guess as Big Daddies go, it wasn't the biggest Big Daddy. I've definitely seen some bigger daddies in my time. October 25th, 2023 big daddy 8
9 October 31st, 2023 Was This a BAD Thumbnail? Oh my god... I have no words! So I'm hoping that the tenth Big Daddy is a big, fat, greasy, big big daddy daddy, you know what I mean? November 1st, 2023 big daddy 9

Other Big Daddy Information[edit]

  • After several viewers requested it, No Context JackSucksAtLife created an official Big Daddy Playlist.
  • The object Jack referred to as "Big Daddy" in the Geoguessr video is a coral reef off the coast of Wreck Island, Queensland, Australia.
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