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From JackSucksAtLife Wiki

SamSmellsOfApricot, also known as SamSmellsOfApricot singular, is a channel that Jack created in 2011 in order to make sure that nobody steals his branding. The channel's about page says "if your reading this then you probably typed "SamSmellsOfApricot" into some form of search engine. YOU ARE AN IDIOT. its not apricot, its apricots. PLURAL! fool. so anyway heres a link to our actual channel: APE - REE - COTS C - O - T - SSSSSSSSS!!?!?1".


While making the SamSmellsOfApricots (plural) video called "Temple Run in REAL LIFE!", Jack wrote a scene where it's revealed that everything that happened in the video was just a part of a Temple run game he was playing on his iPod Touch. But then Jack realised that he needed to create a video that will play on his iPod Touch as if he's playing the game, but with himself as the main character. Obviously, he couldn't upload that video to his main channel, and he also didn't know that unlisted videos were a thing. And so, Jack uploaded the video "asdfhj" to SamSmellsOfApricot (singular) and then filmed himself watching asdfhj for Temple Run in REAL LIFE!, and this is how SamSmellsOfApricot (singular) got it's 1 and only video.

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