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No Context Interlude

From JackSucksAtLife Wiki

Main Description[edit]

The No Context Interlude was a part of the JackSucksAtStuff Reddit Videos. It was just including Jack watching clips from the No Context JackSucksAtLife Channel. The No Context Interlude was brought up when a reddit post asked for it.


The No Context Interlude is the successor of “Jack’s Geography Interlude”. The Jack’s Geography Interlude was including Jack where he plays Geography Games . The Geography Interlude’s Intro was made by “u/micha_reddit” on reddit where he/she posted the video and Jack saw the video on a reddit video. At that time the interlude was using the intro for everytime Jack did it. The No Context Interlude was brought up by someone on reddit. The intro was the Geography Interlude but Kai just added in the words “No Context Interlude” with the music edited to sound distorted. Later on, The No Context Interlude was temporarily discontinued until No Context Jacksucksatlife reached 200k. One time, Jack got tricked as somebody edited the sub count to be 200k. It had 199k so the interlude was cancelled at that reddit video. There have not been any Context Interludes for while.

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