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List of Jack’s YouTube Awards

From JackSucksAtLife Wiki

This is an (incomplete) list of Jack’s YouTube Subscriber Awards (PlayButtons).

Personal Awards[edit]

These are Jack’s Personal Awards (He got them by himself).

Silver 100k Playbuttons[edit]

  • JackSucksAtLife
    When he got the 100k Award, His channel was still called “JackSucksAtMinecraft” as he originally posted Minecraft videos. This was his first award. (Old 100k Award)
  • JackSucksAtGeography
    It has a Google Maps sticker and has been brought with him in his video where he does Geoguesser In Real Life.
  • Turdboi420
    This was included in the second last video of Turdboi reviewing his award and in his last video while it was under his Lawn Mower.
  • JackSucksAtClips
    This Award was given to TommyInnit because he held an event where YouTubers send him something random. Later on, Jack regreted giving the playbutton to Tommy and asked it back but Tommy gave it away.
  • Long Channel Name Playbutton
    This was beating the Original Longest name on a playbutton. The full name was technically not on the playbutton since the glitch that Jack did was fixed when he got 100k. Because of the fix, He decided to do the name but just the first letters of each word and all uppercases to make it longer. The award was made a bit larger since the name was to long.
  • i
    “i” Was made as a attempt for the smallest name on a playbutton. He renamed “No Context Jacksucksatlife” to “i” since it’s the closest to 100k. He specifically picked the letter I since “i” is the smallest/skinniest letter in the alphabet.
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