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Jack's Farm

From JackSucksAtLife Wiki

Sorry if my voice is a little quiet, just watch with earphones in and you should be fine! [1]Minecraft 1.5.1 - Jack's Farm Ep.1 Skinny Pete! Was the first video uploaded on the JackSucksAtLife channel (previously called Jack Sucks At Minecraft!)

In the video, his objvective was to get 20 Cows, 20 Pigs, 20 Chickens, 20 Dogs, 20 Cats, 20 Villagers, 16 Sheep of all colours, 30 Wheat, 30 Carrots, 30 Potatoes, 30 Sugar canes, 30 Mushrooms. 30 Cocoa Beans, 30 Pumpkins, 30 Cacti, 30 Netherwart.

The first video was 26 minutes long and took Jack 11 whole hours to upload. It was recorded using the free trial of Vegas Pro 12.

A brief screenshot from the Jack Sucks At Minecraft! Jack's Farm video. Piece of history.

Episode 1 - Jack's Farm Ep.1 Skinny Pete!

This episode was the first episode of Jacks Farm of 3 in the original series and the episode 4 which jack created because he hit 1 Million Subscribers.

In the video he explained what his objective was, it started with him getting some items from his starter chest.


Episode 2 - Jack's Farm Ep.2 Mr White

This episode was the second episode of the 4 Part series. In this episode his villager Skinny Pete dies, but he has got a new friend Mr. White. This video is 31 minutes long.

Episode 3 - Jack's Farm Ep.3 Wheat, Cows and Mining!

This is the last episode of the original series, in this episode he gets some cows, shows how much wood he has mined off camera and other stuff. THis video is 22 minutes long.

Now after these 3 videos, jack makes a promise that he is going to make a part 4 if JackSucksAtLife gets 1 million subcribers, Which shortly after it did.

Episode 4 - jack's farm ep 4

Now this is the actual last part. Anyways, Jack jokingly decided to make it very long, unedited, and with the free trial of Vegas Pro 12 because that was in the original series as he wanted to make everything legit.

Episode 5 - To be available

This part will be the true last part. It will be released when JackSucksAtLife gets to 10 million subscribers. It will be released in March 2025 according to SocialBlade.

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