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I got the Sidemen a Guinness World Record

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"I got the Sidemen a Guinness World Record" is a JackSucksAtLife video released on 18 August 2023.


Jack, Becky, and the sidemen
Jack, Becky, and the Sidemen posing for a picture

In the video, Jack originally tries to get the Sidemen the record for "Most Concurrent Viewers on a Youtube Livestream." However, this proved unsuccessful, as the record was held by Felix Baumgartner jumping from space. This livestream had 8 million views, much more then the Sidemen's 2.5 million.

Jack then applies for "Most Concurrent Viewers on a Youtube Charity Livestream." The previous record stood at 698k viewers, therefore the Sidemen's livestream was accepted as the new record holder.

He also successfully applies for the "Most Viewed Crossbar Challenge Video" record.

As well as this, Jack creates three custom awards: one to celebrate the Sidemen's most viewed video surpassing 100 million views, one to celebrate their 2022 Christmas Charity Singles, and one for "Jack's favorite Sidemen Moment", the Vikkstar123 "To Be Fair Though" award.

Jack then travelled to London with an official Guinness World Records adjudicator to present the Sidemen with their awards. KSI could not attend the presentation, so Jack decided to keep his award, stating at the end of the video "If you want your certificate, you know where to find me." He even stated that he needed to photoshop in KSI to the thumbnail since he was not there.


The video has received significant attention since its release, with 1.1 million views in just 6 days (as of 8/28/23 it has 1.2 million views making it jacks 80th or so most popular video). It was a 1 of 10, which means it got the most views in a couple hours then his last 10 videos. He also got comments from large Youtubers such as SB737 and the official Guinness World Records channel.


  • "Wow, that must be some kind of record."
  • "To be fair though."
  • "KSI, if you want your certificate you know where to find me."


Jack had been trying to get the Sidemen Guinness World Records for 11 months before the release of this video, according to the description.

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