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History of the Silver Play Button

From JackSucksAtLife Wiki


A frame from the Short

"History of the Silver Play Button" is a Youtube Short on JackSucksAtLife. Uploaded on 11th August 2021, it was the first Short Jack ever uploaded to JackSucksAtLife. As of 11th April 2024, the Short has 3.1M views and 143K likes.

In the video, Jack shows how the Silver Play Button award has changed over time.


The Short starts with Jack sitting on his sofa in his office, holding his JackSucksAtStuff Silver Play Button. Jack explains that Youtube sends a channel this award when it reaches 100,000 subscribers.

Jack then removes the JackSucksAtStuff play button from view, revealing an older Silver Play Button behind it. He proceeds to explain that prior to 2018, the Silver Play Button looked different.

Next, Jack removes the older play button, revealing an even older play button behind it. He then explains that in 2016, the play button looked different again.

After this, Jack removes the 2016 play button to reveal his old JackSucksAtMinecraft (which would later become JackSucksAtLife) silver play button behind it. He explains that this is what the Silver Play Button award looked like in 2013. Finally, Jack says that the 2013 Silver Play Button is his favourite out of the four, and asks the viewer which their favourite is.

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