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Geography Stuff 🌎

From JackSucksAtLife Wiki

Geography Stuff 🌎 is a geography-based shorts channel created on the 20th of September, 2022 and announced five days later. Right now, the shorts are restricted to clips from the geography channel. The channel is managed by Aaryan Patel. In a recent Reddit video, Jack confirmed suspicions that the channel was inactive due to falling view counts, among other reasons.

the playbutton with the emoji

Before the channel was created jack posted clips of his longer form geography clips on jacksucksatgeography but in one reddit video he saw a user who had an emoji on their play button and Jack being Jack of course he was intrigued. so on the 20th September Jack created the channel with the main goal of getting the globe emoji 🌍 on his silver playbutton. By uploading geography clips. when Jack received the playbutton from society awards it did not have the emoji so then Jack sent it back to society awards and when he received it for the second time it had the emoji.

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