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From JackSucksAtLife Wiki
JSAL Wiki Launch
The JackSucksAtLife Wiki has now been launched to the public. We've been working on setting this up for a while, and it's finally ready to go.

Start building it up before the next Reddit video, so Jack is able to see what you've written!


We realized Jack doesn't actually have a Wiki yet, and with almost 5000 videos on almost everything, all the crazy stuff he's done/collected, and all the insane lore about him from over the years, we figured it would be nice to have one.


Instead of using Fandom like other wikis (there are way too many ads), we've set up our own system that allows us to customize however we want. If you think we should add a new feature — just tell us. We're full stack web developers & engineers so we can do almost anything. Just visit the wiki (, and create an account and start editing! To create a page that doesn't exist yet, visit the page and click on 'Create source.' The search feature is useful for this.

What should I add?[edit]

Almost anything as long as it has any relation to Jack (it doesn't have to be major, but at least a small part of it must relate to him). Just create an article on anything you think it fits. Whether that's a place he's visited, an award he's collected, a video he's made, someone he's met, etc. Add however much you want, and the rest of the wiki can help expand it for you. You can also upload any artifacts (files) that you feel might be important to Jack's history here, even if they're not going to be used in articles right away. Feel free to upload fanart (we're working on a special page to save fanart, coming soon) or anything Jack-related.

How else can I help?[edit]

We're definitely going to need moderators, so if you're interested in becoming a moderator or an admin on the wiki to help manage everything, you can send us an email at or submit your application on the Wiki.

More info[edit]

  • The domain: We own the domain ( If you're a developer and interested in making a Jack-related project but don't have a domain, send us an email and we'll happily set up a subdomain for you.
  • Goals: We hope to eventually create a Jack "hub" for his content, related websites, social media, the Wiki, etc. on

Happy editing! If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or an email.

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